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Modern Civilization and new Technologies

Is it possible that global civilization or our children can disappear in our life time? The modern alarmists talk about the approximately same amount of risk. The most important risks among them are climate change, scarcity of resources and the uneven growth of the population. The greatest fears are caused by the fact that many threats are interlinked and one exacerbates the other. "If we want to avoid a global collapse, we should solve all problems at once," the scientists warn.

Our civilization is global. Unfortunately, the global collapse may develop on the same model as the local collapse but on a larger scale, the scientists say. In the case of the Maya, the problem began in one region but engulfed the whole civilization. Today, as global warming makes some regions of the world less hospitable than others, increasing numbers of people are, to emigrate to the countries that are better suited for life. Population growth makes it less attractive, which will lead to further migration to the Domino principle.

The offered by us, and a number of other technologies are the result of years of work by a team of specialists whose aim is to work on solving the problem of production of ecologically clean products, while reducing the costs, the prevention of the threat of environmental disaster, the rapid improvement of the human environment by clean air and water and the restoration of soil fertility.

One of our latest developments is the reduction of internal biological age. One can say a guaranteed second youth.

Biological age is a concept that reflects the degree of morphological and physiological development of an organism. The introduction of the concept of "biological age" is explained by the fact that the calendar (passport, chronological) age is not a sufficient criterion for the health and working capacity of an aging person.

We have developed a method of information wave overlay of thin fields on rock crystal.

The method has no restrictions.

It is the safest way in the world to affect the human body, as well as 100% environmentally friendly.

The corrector (crystal or grain or other type) is processed by the information wave method, the frequency of which is our KNOW-HOW. The corrector does not contain any chemical, medicinal or biologically active substances in its composition. Therefore, it does not require certification in any country.

Wave information is recorded on the corrector, which blocks the commands of the body's transition from one stage of development to another, i.e. it blocks aging (our know-how).

After passing the course, old diseases received by a person over the past 10 years are either erased or stopped in development - "preserved". It changes the internal biological age by an average of 10 years (ages Cycling).                 You can reduce your bio-age an unlimited number of times, reducing it in total, for example, from 80 to 40 years.

As a side effect of reducing biovozrasta noted:

increased resistance to colds, in particular, to influenza and acute respiratory infections (full immunity or for in the form of light).

The corrector gives good results for varicose veins, of by heart pain, arthritis, insomnia, high blood pressure in hypertensive patients, menopausal syndrome in women, and other problems. It is possible to erase Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, psoriasis, stroke, diabetes and other senile diseases.

Some people have senile age spots on their hands and gray hair disappears, hair loss stops or their recovery begins.

Many people lose weight to norm.

The production of proofreaders will be in Russia. Production in the amount of 10,000 units per year is possible with real demand for this products. The selling price depends on demand.

Our partner for organizing sales can be international companies with an international network of alternative medicine rooms. All implementation will go through them and their partners with whom she will conclude agreements. The market selling price is determined by global demand.

One possible name is “Longevity” corrector.