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Modern Civilization and new Technologies

Is it possible that global civilization or our children can disappear in our life time? The modern alarmists talk about the approximately same amount of risk. The most important risks among them are climate change, scarcity of resources and the uneven growth of the population. The greatest fears are caused by the fact that many threats are interlinked and one exacerbates the other. "If we want to avoid a global collapse, we should solve all problems at once," the scientists warn.

Our civilization is global. Unfortunately, the global collapse may develop on the same model as the local collapse but on a larger scale, the scientists say. In the case of the Maya, the problem began in one region but engulfed the whole civilization. Today, as global warming makes some regions of the world less hospitable than others, increasing numbers of people are, to emigrate to the countries that are better suited for life. Population growth makes it less attractive, which will lead to further migration to the Domino principle.

Our technologies can help mankind to avoid a lot of problems when they are employed now and do not disappear in the drawers.

For example, the technology of wave influences will activate the plants and will activate their vitality to solve the problem of hunger. The use of our technology allows in the first year, actually achieving almost double productivity growth, while reducing the consumption of fertilizers and herbicides. It returns the real fertility, the humus layer is built. In the livestock, poultry and fish farming the technology will perform a range of activities for the prevention and treatment of animals, will allow disinfection of premises, where animals, food and water are stored as well as the efficiency of production by up to 30 - 40% increase.  Today we have found a method of electromagnetic struggle against the locust and not only but also against Colorado beetle, mole cricket, aphids, pests of grapes and other, even against a variety of diseases. The so-called "Tropical Fury 4" (TR 4) constitutes a threat to the Cavendish banana varieties. They form the basis of world production and exports of these fruits. Video


Also in solving the problems with drinking water our developed systems have contributed. They deprive the air water to the times of day when temperature and used condensing surface are voting. The proposed technology can be operated without power. Based on this technology, several systems have been developed with different performance. Some are without electricity and some run on electricity, the condensation process is greatly intensified. These systems provide for the production of cheap, fresh water and can be built quickly. The payback period of these systems, according to preliminary estimates, are from 1 to 1.5 years with an indefinite life.

The problem of global warming can be achieved by the possibility of producing Browns gas by catalytic method from water without the use of electricity. Now it is possible to produce gas at a commercially acceptable price, with burning in boilers of power plants and houses, let alone on the production of cheap electricity in unlimited amounts (limit depends on the sum of the money in the project stage invested production). The technology is ecologically completely clean. There is no CO2 emission. This was made possible by the utilization of the overall effect on the chemical reactions in the production of hydrogen, the new catalysts and the methods of their application. In the combustion of gas in the atmosphere is no greenhouse gas mixture of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases, carbon black (CO, CO 2 and C) is emitted, as in the combustion of natural gas and various nitrogen compounds, lead and sulfur, the different after the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels are formed. The reconstruction of existing coal, oil and nuclear power plants will receive the existing jobs.

The offered by us, and a number of other technologies are the result of years of work by a team of specialists whose aim is to work on solving the problem of production of ecologically clean products, while reducing the costs, the prevention of the threat of environmental disaster, the rapid improvement of the human environment by clean air and water and the restoration of soil fertility.