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An economically advantageous complex technology has been developed by us and applied to ensure the extension of the retention of agricultural production. This application makes it possible to reduce the losses in the storage of root crops, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, milk, and not less than 80%. The retention periods without loss of quality can be extended to the multiple, which is especially topical for fish and meat production, and also for the whole milk. The technology allows the perishable products during the storage and transport of long-term store.

The effect is achieved by  remote controlled action of the electromagnetic field with a low power to provocative decay and microorganisms without losses. Sun spoil neither the stored production losses nor still occur on the weight through dehydration. The proposed technology has the following advantages:

1. For the purposes of the specified technology no additional retooling of warehouses, repackaging and other changes in conditions in storage and transport of such additional ventilation is required.

2. It happens at the same time improving the quality of the stored products, the neutralization of nitrates, nitrites and the other harmful inclusions.

3. The integrity of the production will be ensured without the use of preservatives and other chemical reagents.

4. No weight loss of production due to dehydration.

5. Simultaneous sterilization.

6. Sterilization of the storage room of rot fungi and other harmful microorganisms with simultaneous removal of the characteristic odor of such spaces.

The action of the weak electromagnetic field generated by means of special equipment, is for the human organism harmless, which was confirmed with appropriate hygienic certificates. In the production, whose execution is moved to our technology, there are no genetic or other changes. Other adverse effects are completely absent.

There is no genetic changes of the seed of vegetable crops undnd no adverse effects in any production, the effect of the electromagnetic field has been undertaken.