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The project allows to carry out the SPO and to build up a production, which is the processing and activation of mining crystals with the help of an innovative, electromagnetic block, hereinafter referred to as "EMB". It allows the further sale of these crystals for the production of ecological diesel (fuel) directly for the vehicles of users. The fuel produced thereby is environmentally friendly and has a competitive advantage compared to all currently known types of fuel and the use of urea as a catalyst is not required.

Descripiton and advantage of technology

We propose to use the technology AK (activated crystals), developed by us, which, after they are filled in the fuel tank of the vehicle will activate the fuel. The technology will allow to amount the quantity of Celan for several points without more additives in the fuel.  The application of AK shows an actual change in the physics of the combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber, irrespective of the fuel used, which is activated with the crystals, with almost zero content of sulfur, aromatics, unsaturated hydrocarbons and benzenes.

The fuel consumption is reduced to 10% -points without having to change anything in the car. Old, unregulated motors, which need a repair, function again as a Swiss movement. We can assert that we have carried out a major repair of the engine by handling the fuel with AK. When using our AK, the emission of NOx and soot particles, even with older vehicles, is equivalent to an inferior fuel, the eco-standards.

By the year 2020, with the massive use of AC, the carbon dioxide emissions during transport will be reduced by 80%.

12 преимуществ дизельного двигателя

The cost indicators are defined on the basis of data from the previous pilot projects and the standard materials and equipment are also used in industrial plants. The proposed solution is a pure engineering solution. To place the AK in the fuel tank, the grille must be removed from the neck of the tank.

Warranty period of use of an AK: 1 year with a real term of not less than 3 years.

Description of the situation on the market and in the industry


A few years ago the diesel cars were advertised in Europe as economical and environmentally friendly. It was claimed that the diesel engine would be quieter, more efficient than the gasoline engine, and would emit less pollutants into the atmosphere. Manufacturers use the exhaust system of diesel vehicles with special filters in order to absorb the harmful particles in order to make the exhaust gases much cleaner. The European governments have subsidized the purchase of citizens of diesel cars, with the result that the number of diesel cars on European roads represent more than half of all cars.

12 Преимуществ дизельного двигателя

However, it turned out later that with a particle filter the engine starts worse and it would be better to remove it. In addition, the diesel fuel generates several times more nitrogen oxides than gasoline. Nitrogen oxides have a particularly negative effect on people with respiratory disease. Diesel engines are more complex than the petrol engines and much more expensive in the entertainment. Already in 2014 a campaign was launched to free Europe's roads from the diesel vehicles.

Urea in diesel engines

In the European countries popular and widespread is the SCR system, in which the urea is an integral part. It was created to minimize the harmful effects of the exhaust gases of cars with diesel engines. This was created due to the introduction of new environmental regulations, the Euro-4, Euro-5 and Euro-6 standard.

Мочевина для дизельного двигателяThe composition of the urea for a diesel engine is a chemical concentration containing protective, cleaning and dispersing agents and having an ammoniacal odor. Externally, it is a colorless, transparent liquid. In the standard application of urea for a diesel engine, the consumption is one to two liters per hundred kilometers of the driving performance. For the application, the vehicle would have to be equipped with an additional tank and an additional device for the electronic control.

The price of urea for diesel engines starts at $ 15 per liter and the range of prices in principle is very large because of the inhomogeneity of the market. Urea has been developed specifically for diesel engines with the idea of improving and protecting the work of the engines, but also to increase the performance. But as the practice shows, the result of the application has been completely different.

Major disadvantages of using urea in diesel engines

1. An unpleasant smell in the exhaust gases

2. The freezing point is very high and is about -11 degrees

3. Contact with skin may cause irritation and allergic reactions, including burns

4. Increase fuel consumption

5. The presence of ammonia has a negative effect on evaporation on the skin and eyes

6. Damage to the main units of the vehicle resulting in repairs and major unplanned costs.

Application of AK basically changes not only the ecology, but also the technical parameters of diesel vehicles.


Projected wholesale costs are $ 100 per crystal. Coverage of only 10% of the potential market that requires the use of catalysts with urea. According to our pessimistic forecast and estimate, this will be around $ 500 million per year, and only for the US market. In view of these standards, key players in the market will be guaranteed to present their offers. Now we are preparing to approach the NYSE with the SPO.

12 преимуществ дизельного двигателя