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The modern world is characterized by diverging processes. The accumulation of waste, lack of resources, financial pyramids - all signs of an open activity and well organized person. While human impact on the environment was negligible, the dominant paradigm of development has been the production, expansion and increasing. The question of the elimination of the consequences of this development does not even arise. However, since mid last century, the influence of civilization on nature has become so palpable that the divergent processes started by a man broke many of the natural cycles and became a planetary scale.

     Creating ecosettlements - an attempt to understanding the circulation harmonize their activities with natural cycles, or within them, or like, that allows us to predict and manage the consequences of their activities at all scales and for any period, i.e. ensure the establishment of stable, nearly stationary systems. Worldview of modern man based on a set of partial approaches. World with perspectives of science, economics, politics or religion, etc., that are poorly integrated with each other, engaging in insoluble contradictions (for example: between science and economy, technology and religion). In ecosettlements ia single view is implemented on all sides of life. The main value is their correspondence to each other, rather than individual achievement. Integrity and stability is more important than temporary, localised successes. Modern eco-settlement is primarily a way of life in which industrial activity is consistent with natural processes and respect for the Earth and all who dwell on it.

     Existing ecosettlements, strictly spoken, are not intact as they try to fit in the cycle of nature only persons without a huge industrial world that people have already made. Eco-settlement of a new type, called Ecopolis, includes this natural cycle and men and all the industrial potential of modern civilisation without disrupting natural cycles and spiritual whole.