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To act with nature. All activities on the improvement of the city is based on the principles of environmental management. Residents of Ecopolis try to keep the natural environment in its natural state.

Closed ecosystem and self-reliance. Not a closed area, namely a closed ecosystem: its own products, the preemptive use it in place and here:recycling. Seeing with my own eyes the chain "production - consumption - recycling” (as in our present conditions, most people see only the link of"consumption "), one begins to realize that just take something from nature cannot but must ensure that its action can be repeated and a second, and third, that just take out the garbage and forget about it you cannot - must ensure that it has been redesigned with a maximum benefit or, at least minimal damage. And, on this basis, the persons realize what they really need it in this life in terms of consumption. Such a person will no longer produce tons of excess products to sell, plowing virgin soil, has removed the last resources of the sea, pumping oil, overeat, and then whisk away the fat in the gym, to work for money, and then take a break from work, spending this money. And just seeing with  own eyes a person can realize their responsibility for what happens. Here, in this we see the basic meaning of a closed ecosystem and self-reliance.

Nothing is wasted. In Ecopolis preferred renewable energy sources - wind, water, sun, etc. At the heart of power Ecopolis transforming energy center with salt reactor, which will provide all the energy demand of the community fully.

Everything must be somewhere to go. In Ecopolis operating system closed in consumption as natural resources and commodities. Primarily used only multiple consumption of goods, or those who can be turned into a new product through recycling. Ecopolis produces virtually no waste– being all processed on the spot. All waste is sorted from the outset by  people themselves.They have to deliver to a recycling energy center. Wastewater is processed in the same fertilizer and syngas.

Individual and collective responsibility. We must take responsibility for tourselves, for  children,  land and the planet as a whole. In other words, to understand that the Earth is not unlimited; it is necessary to establish its model at a certain area and create a sustainable system for  life.
Independence and, self-government. The advantage  is obvious: People realize that they actually have what they want to achieve. They are no longer dependent on monopolies and banks. They decide where to develop further. Do they need a beer bar in town or race track? It depends not to power but depends on people themselves.

Release time. Creating the Future of Man. And finally, the person needs time to self-realization, to realize it, what came into this world and would carry out its mission in accordance with its own destiny. When man ceases to strive for false targets coming out of the system work - money - fun, then work for it becomes a fascinating thing in his life. Working for the good of society, it fulfills its mission. The time now is spent on achieving the ideals imposed by the existing system, is released and turns during which a man devotes himself, while simultaneously receiving public recognation and status (if it is in general will be), but most importantly - self-realisation in the context of their own destiny and the meaning life.