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«ECO GENERATION» -  generation of electricity without fuel through the magnetic field of the Earth, available on the basis of motor-generator units, commercially available in most countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

The know-how is the method of feeding and control of the performance of the standard three-phase asynchronous motor with squirrel-cage rotor, whose shaft is coupled via a coupling to a standard synchronous generator. The power generated voltage is 220/380 V, 50 Hz.

Why is the Station "eco generation" so interesting and what are the advantages of "Farewell to Steam"?

1. The area of the land acquisition is 8 to 10 times lower than for thermal and nuclear power plants;
2. The absence of exhaust pipes and cooling towers which are typical for all conventional thermal systems;
3. Easy maintenance. The number of employees is reduced to 50 to 60 people per shift, what to 20 times less 10 than conventionally;

4. The complete exclusion of water and fuel in the working circuit, which reduces the metal content in the device about 8 to 10 times;
5. High-speed startup, 1 Minute compared to 16 to 120 hours in thermal reactors;

6. Easy maintenance, the (1 x / 6 months) includes changing the oil in the ball bearing modules and the replacement of all bearings (1x / 3 years);

7. Light weight of replaceable and serviceable modules (10 tonnes compared to 150 250 tonnes ... the nuclear power plant). This allows the overhead cranes, the generator modules to move into the camp and workshop without die100 megawatt "lines" to stop and installing in their place new (renovated) modules and the connection in prefabricated Buse of "lines" in only 30 minutes;

8.  Earthquake safety, radiation protection, thermal fuse (we have air-cooled generators), explosion-proof, which is linked to the lack of pressure vessels, boilers, hydraulic power units, pumps, steam and water, etc.;

9. Low specific cost (= 250 ÷ € 400/1 KW), the production cost of electricity (0.007 € / 1 KW / h) and the resulting high rate of returns of investments (1.2 ÷ 1.6 years) in compared to 15 ÷ 20 years for thermal and nuclear power plants;

10. Brief periods of formation (construction) in the force limiting circuit simplicity and the absence of hydraulic components.

The main advantage of the introduction of technology, as already mentioned, with the inexhaustible natural resources - energy of the magnetic field of the earth is the special environmental friendliness;
economic benefits incompatible with hydrocarbon fuels, such as by manufacturing costs as well as the prices of goods to the consumers of products in virtually all areas of industry and consumption;
a significant reduction in the severity of choice for locations for new plants, cities and towns that are not supplied with technical infrastructure;
moral and emotional incentives for producers and workers who want nature, its own health and future generations inflict no harm.