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Main activities:

Our group is specialized in the development of projects and project implementation concepts in the field of environmental protection and sustainability mainly in the construction and operation of settlements and cities.

The most important projects are known under the names / marks "Ecopolis" and "Technopolis".

As prototypes, these projects are the basis for the global dissemination and implementation of same or similar projects in different continents and are prepared to be adapted technologically without great additional expenses to the relevant existing local partner organizations.

Centuries-old experience of Christian communities in the coexistence and cooperation between the people are the basic elements of design and development of the projects „Ecopolis“ and „Technopolis“, and there are new ideas to build up settlements and cities well oriented as Christian communities being able to apply as a new kind of enterprise with operation in ecological fields. This can be realized due to a strong partnership with company group VR ENERGIE GMBH, a well recognized internationally acting energy producer with technological, operational, administrative and financial independence. Under such conditions there is a necessity to act as a new kind of enterprise in the ecological fields with full responsibility for supply of energy „from the cradle to grave“ for the residents together with other full service in ecological fields and, in addition, creating job security and to ensure a general standard of living ensuring safety and welfare of residents.

To achieve such goals at short and longer terms and to ensure the planned development all members of our grouping will be restructured and be provided with ample financial resources to guarantee the smooth implementation of the projects.

Further specialties:

Another important field of activities of VR Energie includes our capability to deliver best available technology for that international companies needing modernization for large industrial projects.

Our detailed research and our excellent service for financing and modernization of industrial plants was honored with full customers’ satisfaction in placing numerous orders with us.

The project documentations as well as the processing are all the times accompanied and reviewed by our financial auditors (KPMG International).

Technical Know How and Network of VR Energie GmbH:

With the development and installation of impact resistant, heat-insulating modules in the lining of external walls in large buildings, the company succeeded to be an important resource in the PV industry.

The collaboration with global companies, banks and financial institutions required the expansion of the business up to the procurement of financing for energy projects.

What we understand under „energy projects“ is: Turnkey manufacturing and assembly of industrial and power generation plants for processing of wastes of all kinds, the construction of plants for energy and electricity generation for the direct use of our “Ecopolis” and “Technopolis” operations as well as the feeding of energy products and services into public systems, along with the procurement of all licenses and permits.

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