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The alternative to the "peaceful atom"

The anniversary of the sinking of the nuclear power plant disaster at Chernobyl and with the energy blocks of the Japanese Fukushima-1 has forced scientists again around the world to think about how the world should adopt nuclear power. As important task for subsequent years, the shutdown of the reactors and the active exchange with Brown`s gas generators will be necessary. Our suggestion is not to destroy the established infrastructure of the nuclear stations, but, instead of the reactors, to install Brown`s gas generators with the necessary capacity and the necessary number of steam generators, with the Brown`s gas burners.

What result reconstruction of thermal power plants will have?

  • The increase of the competitiveness of the existing thermal power plants in the energy market.
  • The cost reduction in the production of thermal and electrical energy by means of the exchange of equipment from solid, high-carbohydrate-containing fuels or natural gas into the cheap Brown`s gas fuel.
  • Stabilize the financial condition of the owners of the companies of thermal power plants.
  • Reduction in growth rates of tariffs for the thermal and electrical energy.
  • No harmful influence of the stations on the environment.
    Preservation of jobs.
  • Introduction of new technologies in the alternative energy industry.