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  • Ecopolis  is the technology of closed loops, no waste in the settlement as a whole, i.e.  materials andsubstances derived from one type of activity used as raw material in other activities.
  • Ecopolis – it is autonomy and self-sufficiency which provided an abundance of all necessary resources (i.e., the ocean - an almost endless source of water, organics and all chemical elements, solar and other renewable energy sources) and a set of technologies that allow these resources to use and produce in quantity and  sufficiently to maintain the steady-state level of life.
  • Ecopolis - it is stationary or sustainable development, which is ensured by the efficiency of production processes, not the accumulation of waste inside and outside, abundance of raw materials and energy required for settlement activities.
  • Ecopolis - is tolerance, which is a consequence of autonomy, resource and energy independence from other settlements, the possibility of organizing an excess production of any kind (depending on the specialization of the settlement) for export, depending on the needs of the environment, and the ability to import any type of waste to processing.
  • Ecopolis - universality, meaning the possibility of internal restructuring, depending on external conditions, which allows you to create settlements in various locations around the world.
  • Ecopolis - is production efficiency through the integration of technology cycles.
  • Ecopolis - not just conservation, and environmental restoration in the region.
  • Ecopolis - it's easy lifestyle, no special training in early education and in the process.
  • Ecopolis - it's spirituality and religious freedom.